Official Languages of European Union

European Union is a political and economic union of 27 European Countries. The population in EU now could be as many as 440 million. Now there are 23 official languages spoken in European Union.

IU offers courses of 15 out of the 23 languages. Here is the list.

Czech  Dutch  EnglishEstonian  Finnish 

FrenchGermanGreekHungarian Italian

 Latvian  Lithuanian  Polish Portuguese and Spanish

On CeLT language List, you could find other seven languages.

Bulgarian Danish IrishRomanian 

Slovene/Slovenia and Swedish

The other two are: Maltese, Slovak

Democracy is very important to the European Union and Parliament. The Parliament represents all the citizens of Europe. To make democracy work, it is important that people can use their own language when dealing with the EU. The many languages are one of the central features of the European Parliament.