CeLT is pleased to offer no-cost borrowing of audiovisual and other teaching/learning equipment as a service for language instructors (including graduate Associate Instructors) and researchers, to help promote and enrich language and culture education at IU. Other instructors and researchers in the College of Arts and Sciences may occasionally use our service, and their requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  CeLT does not offer equipment loans to undergraduate students, although instructors are welcome to check out larger quantities of equipment (headsets, iPad Minis, etc.) for their students to use during class periods for special lessons or projects. 

Equipment Room Location: BH 661  


Service update and highlight:

  • Newly purchased: tripods and accessories for holding mobile devices 
  • Newly purchased: various headsets for testing and checkout  
  • Equipment can be requested online any time and can be picked up during Equipment Room open hours.