Featured Equipment

Featured Equipment

e-Glass Lightboard with built-in Camera


Features: The eGlass is offers a brilliant solution to the problems of demonstrating writing to students via Zoom or other videos.  This clear dry erase board is illuminated and contains an integrated camera, to students can clearly see both the teacher’s face and their handwriting in real time!  The eGlass connects easily to any computer via USB. 

Please contact CeLT for a brief consultation on using the eGlass, either in one of CeLT’s classrooms or elsewhere. 

Go Pro MAX 360 Camera


Experience total creative freedom with the most versatile 360 camera. 



  • Could shoot HERO-style Video or 6K 360 video
  • Good for panaromic photos or 360 Timlapse video
  • Unbreakable stablization and premium audio from 6 mics
  • Waterproof to 16 feet depth.
  • Support up to 1080p live streaming
  • Compatible with 30+ mounts or accessories

Please contact celt@indiana.edu to request the availability or reserve the equipment.

Smartphone Video Recording Kit

Features: Everything you need to take quality photos and videos with your personal smartphone!  This kit contains an adjustable multipurpose mount that can be used as a desktop tripod, selfie stick, and more; a USB-powered ring light; a clip-on digital microphone; and a Bluetooth camera remote.  Compatible with a range of smartphones and recording apps. 


QBall Throwable Microphone System



Features: This throwable microphone ball is a fun and effective way to make sure instructor and student voices are heard. Durable and simple to use, with a wireless range of 75ft and audio connection via 3.5mm and USB. 
Please contact CeLT before checking out to arrange a brief consultation on connecting the Qball+ to the computer or PA system in your location. 

Rode Wireless Go II Microphone System


Features: The Rode Go II is a two-channel wireless microphone system designed to easily connect to a wide range of devices for sound amplification or recording.  The system include two small clip-on wireless microphone units and one receiver (for use with one or both microphones concurrently, with a wireless range of 650ft) that offers an audio output via 3.5mm and USB.  The Rode Go II is perfect for recording interviews, podcasts, lectures, and more—in conjunction with your smartphone, laptop, camcorder, and other devices.  The system can also connect to a sound system for crystal-clear voice amplification.  

Please contact CeLT before checking out to arrange a brief consultation on connecting the Rode Wireless Go II to your device or PA system. 

Please contact CeLT before checking out to arrange a brief consultation on connecting the Rode Wireless Go II to your device or PA system. 

Smartphone Stablizer for Video


DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer 

Features: Compatible with a range of smartphones, this gimbal stabilizes video for a smooth recording experience and can be used as a handheld or unfolded into a desktop tripod. Active modes provide many tools, including automatic face tracking. A great tool for shooting immersive language or cultural videos.  

Note: Download of the DJI-mimo app from the App Store or Google Play Store is required for use.