Teaching Continuity Tips (Previously COVID-19 Readiness))

Accessible teaching all the time

In response to COVID-19-like situations, we prepared a list of internal and external resources that can be helpful to you at this time. Take your time to explore these resources as you are getting ready to teach online. On this page, you will find: 

  • Moving online videos from IU language teaching faculty
  • Online teaching tips and community resources by language professionals
  • A list of training sessions and tools provided at IU

A Video Presentation by Dr. Karolina Serafin, Director of Language Instruction of Italian, Indiana University

Dr. Karolina Serafin, Senior Lecturer, and Director of Language Instruction of Italian, Indiana University, has been teaching Italian online for many years at IU. She coordinated the design of the curriculum of online courses in Italian. She is also an officially qualified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer.  In her role as a language coordinator for the Italian program at IU, she helps other teachers become better in their profession. She has also served as Faculty Advisor for the Center for Language Excellence.  For any question, you have for this video or if you need help, whether you are from IU or not, she offers to answer your question and to provide help within her capacity. You can contact her at kserafin@indiana.edu.

A Video Presentation by Finnish instructors Elisa Räsänen and Sanni Törmänen, CEUS, Indiana University

In this recorded video presentation, Finnish instructors Elisa Räsänen and Sanni Törmänen introduce a sample lesson plan for a virtual language class and describe strategies they use to enhance student engagement in their classes. Elisa is a lecturer of Finnish language and culture in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies. Sanni is a Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistant at IU for the academic year 2019-2020.  

100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online

Professor Curtis J. Bonk at Indiana University published a number of books on online teaching and learning. He published a book that allows you to discover 100+ activities for motivating and retaining learners online. 

Download it for free here.

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IU EXPAND Portal for Online Teaching

IU Expand is a portal for online non-credit and continuing education coursework offered to the IU community as well as the general public. Based on Instructure's Canvas Catalog platform, IU Expand allows you to browse the catalog to find and enroll in non-credit, continuing education credit, and certificate-based courses.