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Virtual Exhibit

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World Language Festival

Exhibits, presentations, and hands-on workshops to explore

With the support from the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University, the Center for Language Technology (CeLT) hosts the World Language Festival (WLF) at the IU Bloomington campus every two years. 6th WLF@IU (WLF Virtual Academy) has been held virtually since January, 2021. This event is still ongoing.

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Bridges Program

Exploratory language and culture classes for young learners

Bridges puts emphasis on providing classes in Less-Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL), many of which have been identified as 'Critical Needs Languages' by the U.S. State Department. The teaching approach used by instructors is the communicative method, which means fun for kids through games, stories, free play, crafts, puppet shows, and other interactive activities to help children acquire new vocabulary in the target language.

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Language Learner Lounge

language learning tips and strategies for learners in any age

This is an exciting online event for language learners that takes place on bimonthly basis. This event is open to both those who are enrolled in a language course and those who are simply interested in learning foreign/second languages. Explore their valuable tips that help you to learn a new language.


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Language Workshop

Earn one year of coursework in 2 months and benefit from in-state tuition

The Hamiton Lugar School's Language Workshop offers intensive in-person, online, and overseas programs that help you make rapid and lasting progress through work with instructors from some of the best and most innovative language training programs in the world.

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Big Ten Academic Alliance

More than 100 LCTL courses in 37 languages in 20 languages

Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) CourseShare program allows degree-seeking studentsof member universities to take less commonly taught language courses offered at other BTAA institutions from a distance, while paying your normal IU tuition.

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Study Abroad Options

more than 380 overseas study programs in more than 70 countries

IU offers international programs in nearly every program of study. In addition to learning about other cultures and practicing your language skills, overseas study can help you make progress toward your degree and get career-related experience. Explore your options!

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