Language + Cultural Communities

Culture Centers at IU that promote languages and heritage

The Asian Culture Center

Provide informal language sessions in Hindi, English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Mandarin that introduce cultural customs and background

Tutoring and peer support services; hands-on experience


Attend programs and events

The La Casa Latino Cultural Center

arts performances, cultural events, and diverse cultural perspectives

Raise better cultural awareness about Latino culture and history


Explore La Casa events

The First Nations Educational and Cultural Center

support an extended network of resources and information designed to inspire, encourage, and empower students for success

Awareness of contemporary issues within Native and Indigenous communities

Explore events and programs

The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center

seeks to be an agent of cultural education and cross-cultural engagement for the broader community

Development and success of Black students within the Indiana University community

Visit the center

Helene G. Simon Hillel Center

Support and honor the diversity of the Jewish student community at IU

A rich heritage of Jewish culture

Get involved

African American Arts Institute

dedicated to the performance and promotion of Black music and dance

Diverse artistic and cultural experiences

Attend performances and workshops