Presenter: Sun-Young Shin

The What’s and How’s of Assessing L2 Interactional Competence

In recent years, there has been the burgeoning interest in developing and assessing second/foreign language (L2) learners’ spoken interactional competence. The ability to interact with others has been regarded as equally important as the ability to produce grammatically accurate L2 utterances with good control of pronunciation. However, many L2 teachers still find it difficult to elicit interactive language use samples and to evaluate L2 learners’ interactional competence using appropriate classroom-based assessment instruments and rubrics. To this end, this talk will provide some guidance for how we should define L2 interactional competence at both theoretical and operational levels and for how we can develop and use specific speaking testing tools and scales with a focus on assessing interactional competence. This talk will also introduce exemplary rubrics featured with salient components of interactional competence and actual speaking test video samples including both one-way and two-way speaking tasks.

Presenter: Raquel Anderson

Speech Impairments in FL Classes

As instructors, we work with students with diverse experiences, including the presence of a speech disorder that may impact their participation in the classroom. As language teachers, it is the expectation that students engage in oral language interactions. Nevertheless, the fact is that students with speech impairments may present special challenges.

This interactive workshop discusses specific speech impairments that may impact student performance and strategies for engaging these students in any type of classroom environment. In addition, it will identify how to modify our requirements and/or classroom activities for these special learners. It is expected that participants will share activities they include in their teaching where students are actively engaged so that we can identify strategies for a more inclusive classroom for students with speech disorders.