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Language Learning Opportunities at IU and Beyond

Language Table

Stop by our IU language tables for an informal chat in your target language. 

language and cuisine

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IU World Language Requirement

Search approved courses for GenEd language requirements.

world language festival program

Languages Taught Online

IU offers a number of languages in online, distance, and hybrid manners. Please visit the IU Online search tool to view available courses.


Why do you learn... at IU?

Check out these videos of interviews with IU students and instructors, or peek into language classrooms for a more personal view of our vibrant language community. 

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Hail to Old IU in 9 languages

Our Alma Mater, translated and performed by talented IU language students: 

Full Version of "Hail to Old IU" in 9 languages

Hail to IU, one song, in 9 languages: French, Urdu, Persian, Portuguese, Chinese, English, Finnish, Kyrgyz, and Arabic. Thank you all for contributing. Thank you Dr. Iman Alramadan for your enthusiasm in reaching out to the language community at IU, advocating this and collecting this. Thank you Rebecca Ramsey for skillful remixing. Please tag the talents in this video if you know them. And here is the list of the original songs: https://cle.indiana.edu/impact/hail-to-iu.html?fbclid=IwAR084Enr1eKXUzLc_p92JZktRG1Z5nz2W2E_X7S0s-YAtfYGb4_mG599re0

World Language Festival at IU 发布于 2020年6月30日周二