On and Off Campus Language Learning Opportunities

Asian Culture Center

Asian Culture Center(ACC) offers free, informal classes taught by volunteers, as well as one-on-one tutoring.  E-mail acc@indiana.edu to register or volunteer.

For more information: https://asianresource.indiana.edu/programs-and-services/daily.html


  • Korean Beginners
  • Korean Intermediate
  • Korean Advanced
  • Mandarin Intermediate
  • Vietnamese Beginners

One-on-one tutoring:

  • Mandarin drop-in tutoring
  • Korean drop-in tutoring


English Tutoring & Peer Support Service (Provided by ACC)

The ACC is offering a FREE mentoring service to IU students led by peer mentors. These student peer mentors will provide advice, support, attention, and kindness to students who would like some guidance with cultural adjustment, campus life, and schoolwork. These one-on-one meetings may also be an opportunity for learners to practice conversational English and meet new friends. Walk-ins are welcome and no appointments are needed. Our volunteers come from different academic disciplines.

For more information, including class hours: https://asianresource.indiana.edu/programs-and-services/daily.html

Volunteers are sought for these and other services.  See this page for more information: https://asianresource.indiana.edu/programs-and-services/volunteer/index.html

Bloomington Esperanto Club

Esperanto is a language created to help people who don’t share a native language communicate on a more nearly even footing.  Today it has speakers in many countries all over the world, a number of Facebook groups, and a sizeable Wikipedia.  The Bloomington Esperanto Club meets every other week on Sunday at 2:00 PM at Laughing Planet.  Check Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Esperanto-Klubo-de-Blumintono-Bloomington-Esperanto-Club/) or Duolingo for up-to-date information.

Curious about Esperanto?  Look here: https://esperanto-usa.org/esperanto/en

Flag of Esperanto