COVID-19: CeLT Virtual Office Hour

Virtual Office Hours Schedule

 Here is the link to visit CeLT Virtual Office

Password: 1123

Minor changes might be made to the schedule, please check the updated version before contacting us. 

Request for Virtual Support for Zoom and other Technology you Use:

Fill out the Request Form

 Are you still nervous about conducting Zoom meetings for teaching?Request CeLT IT specialist to show up few minutes before your Zoom class starts and stay for a while to make sure everything works and allows on-site troubleshooting. Request will be taken at a first come first serve basis. 

Request for A Student Tester

Fill out the Request Form

If you would like a student to test with your Zoom or Canvas features, you can request a CeLT lab assistant (IU student) to test with you to make sure what you plan works on the student side. 


Equipment Checkout

For equipment essential for conducting instruction or research, make a request on the equipment checkout form.  CeLT staff will following up with a confirmed time and date for you to pick up the equipment form the CeLT Office. All equipment will be properly sanitized before checking it out to  you.

Fill out the Request Form 

For the semester of Fall 2020, you could come to our office and lab(The equipment room and the front office has moved to the south wing of BH on 6F.) in person to check in/out equipment, as long as you comply with the sanitation regulations of IU.

CeLT Labs

For an essential need for CeLT Space that your office and home space/equipment cannot fulfill, and if the need is time sensitive, please use this form to make a request: Fill out the Space Request Form

*Please make request in advance for CeLT staff to open and sanitize the lab for you. Due to the need to keep social distance, there will not be any on-site tech support. CeLT staff will provide remote/virtual support.

Web Service

We are hauling old website files to the new website ( which takes a long time. If you need the language materials to be hosted on the CeLT website this semester, please send email to to move it up on the priority list.

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