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Navigate all languages at IU from A to Z, explore boundless options, and find instructional offers. Select your language of study.

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Language Learning opportunities at IU

Indiana University offers various opportunities for you to study languages and cultures. Small classes led by professional instructors and affordable programs provide you endless opportunities.

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According to a study from the University of Chicago, knowledge of a world language helps you boost decision-making skills.

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Almost all undergraduates in the College are required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language to graduate. Explore and choose your program of study.

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CeLT offers a rich repository of language materials along with the information on many languages and study options. These materials are open for the IU community and worldwide.

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In the increasingly globalized world, the knowledge of a world language becomes an indispensable skill important not only for individual enrichment, but also for the broadening employment opportunities.

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In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way. Discover these opportunities through student experiences.

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Opening Doors to the World with flagship programs at IU

Undergraduate students can major in any of IU’s many fields of study, including Business, Music, and Liberal Arts, while completing the requirements to achieve superior-level language skills and certification from The Language Flagship. Discover a whole new world of opportunities with current and former flagship program students.

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Learning a second language has compelling health benefits, as suggested by a study from York University in Toronto that connects prevention of the onset of dementia with foreign language learning.