Zulu Sitcom videos

Memory of Ms. Mpolokeng Lesetla

Ms. Mpolokeng Lesetla passed away on the morning of May. 30th, 2021 in Bloomington, IN. She was the associate instructor and graduate student of African Studies Program. She was loved by her students of isiZulu language classes. She was also one of the "actresses" of this IU-made Zulu sitcom.

From her colleague and friend, Dr. Betty Dlamini "We worked amicably with Ms. Mpolokeng Lesetla, creating the Zulu sitcom videos we named the 'Zithini? Ziyabhabhama! We enjoyed creating this dialogue depicting two Zulu women who drink tea and coffee and gossip, brag about what they have, and support each other. "

You might not know the whole life of Mpolo but we are glad to share her best performance here.