Nanjing Colloquium Archive

Fall 2019 Colloquium

Neeli Kasdorf - Online broadcasters and their impacts on the Chinese society   杨霓丽 - 网红对中国社会的影响
Etienne Najman---Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in China 红龙---中国同性婚姻合法化之我见
Nancy Ni - The Social Credit System and Individual Freedom 倪诗琴 - 社会信用体系与个体自由
Ellis Cain - Human Relationships with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) 柯南 - 人工智能、自然语言处理与人们的关系
Aaron Corbett - Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative on Natural Gas Market 柯安仁 - 一带一路对中国与全球天然气市场的影响
Nick Atkinson - Challenges of the China-Hong Kong Integration 金毅诚 - 中港融合将面临的挑战
Christine de Penaloza - Drug trafficking and Sino-US Relations 潘可欣 - 毒品走私与中美关系
Jack Nolan - Rethinking the Chinese-US Trade war 宁杰恩 - 反思中美贸易战:背景、现状与未来
Chloe Bodnarick - Chinese Ethnic Policies and Social Tensions 白可喜 - 中国民族政策与社会矛盾