Nanjing Colloquium Archive 2017

Fall 2017 Colloquium

Patrick McNabb  马宏睿 社会How the political relation between Mainland China and Hong Kong affects Hong Kong people's self-identification 中国大陆与香港政治关系如何影响香港的自我认同)
THOMAS BOULAY-傅靖聪 社会Discussing the Current Situation of Gay Youth in China, America and Taiwan浅谈中国美国与台湾的年轻同性恋人口的现状
TAYLOR LAWRENCE 劳苔莉 社会、 经济Ethnic Minority Cultural Preservation and Ethno-tourism 少数民族文化保护与民族旅游
WILLIAM PATTERSON 潘威 经济Financial sector reform in China: how have China's financial markets developed and how they should continue to develop(中国当代金融市场的发展与展望)
NORA ZENG 曾祥燕 社会、政治China's Brain Drain and the Government's Countermeasures 中国的人才流失以及中国政府的对策 
MANDA WANG 王一回 医学The Importance of Stem Cell Research in Medicine干细胞在医学中的重要性
ANDREW FLUEGEL 费安竺 社会The products of reform and opening-up: Fu'erdai and Factory Girls改革开放的产物:试论富二代和打工女孩对社会的影响 
JANINE TANG 汤家宁 社会The Future of Freedom of Speech in China from a historical perspective从历史角度看中国言论自由的未来发展
CAROLINE TAN 陈嘉欣 社会、法律A Brief Talk on the Popularity of Clothing Counterfeits and Its Infringement on the Intellectual Property of Fashion Designers浅谈服装山寨的风靡与山寨侵犯设计着作权