Nanjing Colloquium 2011

Fall 2011

毕岚妮 Leilani Beams -1

“Culture of Cyber Dissent”


毕岚妮 Leilani Beams -2

“What a Chinese name can tell you: the linguistic and cultural meanings of Chinese names in Taiwan”

邓妮绮 Nicki Dabney

Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan

朱应棠 Tomas Drury

Theme: Dissent and Alternative Ideology

“Critique of Anarchism/Libertarianism”

费乔治 George G. Feldman V

Theme: Policies, Governmental Regulations, and Nationalism

“The One-Child Policy: What It Means for China's Future”

费伊丽 Elizabeth Noemi Feliciano

Theme: Policies, Governmental Regulations, and Nationalism

“Protecting Multi-ethnic Rights and Cultures Under the Prerequisite of National Unity”


费柔 Regan R.K. Ferrell

Theme:Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan

“Shades of Mandarin: A vowel comparison of three native speakers
from northern China, northern Taiwan, and central Taiwan”

任伯恩 Brian William Inlow

Theme: Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan


“Prejudice and Praise Brought on by Accent: The opinions of mainland Chinese toward Taiwanese Mandarin”

兰艾克 Eric M. Lacour

Theme: Public Performance

“We Just Don't Understand: Obstacles to Appreciating China's Traditional Performing Arts”

李杰 Zach Lovberg Richardson

Policies, Governmental Regulations, and Nationalism
“China's Anti-Drug Policy”

陈德宁 Nathanial A. Sims

Theme: Chinese Dialects

“The functions and grammaticalization of “qi” in Sichuanese”


张九鼎 Alexander Wald

Theme: Language and Culture

“Gender Differences in Chinese Usage: Comparing understanding
and sensitivity between native speakers and students of Mandarin”


吳杰明 Ben Walker

Theme: Public Performance

“Promoting Soccer in China: Current State of the Sport and China's Vieri”

伍柏楠 Matthew Bryant White

Language and Culture

A comparison of sports metaphors in Chinese and English


Spring 2012

费乔治 George G. Feldman V

Comparative study of the death penalty in China and the U.S.


费伊丽 Elizabeth N. Feliciano

Past and future of Chinese medicine: comparative study of laws
governing administration of Chinese medicine in China and U.S.

费柔 Regan R K Ferrell

Comparative study of the system, culture, and
legal basis of adoption in China and the U.S


任伯恩 Brian William Inlow

Development of legal protection for the rights of LGBT in China

陈焕 Jin Hwan Jing

Repatriation of North Korean refugees by the Chinese government -
an analysis from the perspective of relevant international laws


兰艾克 Eric M Lacour

Building a strong modern nation with socialist cultural values

沐耿 Morgan G. Rawlings

Comparative analysis of laws governing
intellectual property rights in China and the U.S.

李杰 Zach L.Richardson

Effects brought about by the development of labor
law on the labor market and workers in China

陈德宁 Nathaniel Sims

Comparative analysis of bilingual education
in three Chinese autonomous regions