2021 Fall Orientation Schedule

Schedule of the Orientation

Monday August 16th, 2021

All Sessions of today are taught on online

8:45-9:00 am  Checking in,Getting ready

9:00-10:00 am  Welcome Session. 

Participant Introductions.  
Overview of the orientation schedule.   
Session Leaders: Alwiya Omar, Iman Alramadan, & Piibi-Kai Kivik 

Presenters: Alwiya Omar and Iman Alramadan

9:30-11:30 am

This workshop provides an overview of best practices in foreign language instruction, including usage of authentic materials, promoting a student-centered classroom, and ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Community. 


Presenters: Iman Alramadan, Alwiya Omar, & Piibi-Kai Kivik


This session will provide sample lesson plans and demos on the three modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational. For homework, each participant will develop a lesson plan focusing on one or two modes of communication to be presented on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. 

Session Leaders: Iman Alramadan, Alwiya Omar 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to write precise performance objectives of their lessons.  

Session Leader: Jeff Holdeman 

This session showcases a sample first-day foreign language lesson. Participants will be exposed to best teaching practices and strategies for using the target language from the first day of class. A guided discussion and analysis will follow 

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

See detailed instructions for locations

Presenters: Assistant Deans Justin Grossman and Terri Greenslade, the College Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs  





This training session focuses on University and College policies that apply to classroom teaching, procedures for handling academic integrity violations, and various classroom situations. There will also be time for Q&A. 

Please note that the presentation will be recorded for AIs who are unable to attend at the scheduled time. 

(Please note different Zoom meeting link than the CeLT/CLE daily orientation) 


Meeting ID: 821 2917 3041 

Password: 419710  

This is the first face to face session in this orientation!

Location: GA4067, may change to GA1060

Session Leader: Piibi-Kai Kivik 


Participants will be able to 

- integrate grammar teaching with proficiency orientation  

- adopt a functional perspective of grammar for language classes 

- introduce a new grammatical structure in an activity (interpersonal mode of communication) 

Location: GA4067, may change to 1060

Get IU Crimson Card, Bank accounts, etc.  

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

See detailed instructions for locations.

Check in. Getting ready. Coffee and Snack provided.  

Location: Room GA 4067 (HLS building)

Location: GA4067, may change to 1060

Session Leaders: Iman Alramadan, Alwiya Omar 

Instructors will demonstrate lessons on Best Practices in language instruction. Lessons in two different languages will be modelled in the demos. Participants who do not speak the relevant demo language will take the role of students. 

For homework, each participant will do their own microteaching based on their lesson plans on Thursday, August 19th. 

*Notice: Audience would be divided into two groups, the other room is GA1060

Session Leaders: Iman Alramadan, Alwiya Omar 

Each participant will present a lesson plan that clearly reflects best FL instruction practices and (a minimum) of one mode of communication, followed by discussion and feedback from fellow instructors and Orientation leaders. Participants will be assigned a mode(s) of communication.  

Welcome speech by the College’s Associate Executive Dean Dr. Jane McLeod -- Brief welcome lunch will be served afterwards

Location: The Lobby of HLS building

Starting time: 12:00 pm

Introduced by Xiaojing Kou 

The Welcome Lunch is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and is open to all new language teaching AIs, FLTAs, and instructors. Language coordinators and some representative returning language AIs and instructors from various language departments will also join us to welcome new community members.   

Presenter: Meg Nickless, LMHC, CAPS

Learn about CAPS services, adjusting to graduate school, signs of distress, and how Associate Instructors should refer students to CAPS. 

This presentation will be given via Zoom: https://iu.zoom.us/j/84982264715 

This presentation will be recorded. 

 This session is offered through orientation zoom link.

Session Leaders: Iman Alramadan, Alwiya Omar, and Piibi-Kai Kivik 

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

See detailed instructions for locations.

Location: GA 4067

Check in. Getting ready. Coffee and Snack provided. 

Session leaders: Alwiya Omar, Iman Alramadan, & Piibi-Kai Kivik 

Location: Dunn Meadow (near IMU)

Please communicate with your program coordinator to verify if you are required to attend this event.  

Friday, August 20th, 2021

  • Please note that the following sessions are designed for new language instructors and AIs only.    
  • It is required that instructors have a proper IU account in order to participate. If you do not have one by the day before the workshop, please contact UITS support: https://kb.iu.edu/d/abxl#iub  

This session is offered through the Orientation Zoom Link

Presenter: Xiaojing Kou, Center for Language Technology (CeLT) 


Introduction to Canvas for Language Instructors  

This hands-on workshop provides an overview of the basic features and tools of the Canvas learning management system, which is used in all courses at IU. Specifically, you will learn to set up a new course manually, customize course navigation, create critical components such as syllabus, content pages, assignments, quizzes, rubrics, modules, course email, and discussion forums.   


Using Zoom to Teach (Basics) 

Presenters: Xiaojing Kou, CeLT  

 This hands-on workshop provides an overview of the basic features in Zoom for online language instruction.   

Classroom Climate Workshop by Center for Language Teaching and Learning (CITL) (Mandatory)

This workshop is a mandatory part of the week-long orientation. You can complete it on your own time in your own space.

The deadline for completing it is 8:00 am EDT, September 13, 2021.  

 Description: In order to support the University's goals of supporting diversity and equitable instruction on campus, the CITL offers the annual Classroom Climate Workshop (CCW) each fall. This program satisfies the requirements established by the Bloomington Faculty Council that all new associate instructors receive training in enhanced understanding of cultural diversity. In CCW, we orient graduate student instructors on compliance with Federal laws and IU policies regarding classroom inclusion and equity and provide opportunities to learn about and apply key concepts related to equitable and inclusive teaching.  

To enroll in this course and read for more details of this course: Annual Classroom Climate Workshop: Associate Instructor Support: Programs: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning: Indiana University Bloomington