covid 19: CeLT operation

Contact Us as Usual:

Calls to the CeLT staff office phones are automatically forwarded to the staff members personal cell phone. Staff will answer phone calls between 8 AM and 5 PM. You can leave a message if the phone is not answered. We will receive the recorded message in our email. 

Center Coordinator (Xiaojing Kou): 812-855-0004 

Main Office Phone: (Jon Liechty): 812-855-8383

IT Specialist (Aric McFall): 812-855-0006

Audio/Video Specialist (Rebecca Ramsey): 812-855-0005 

Web Specialist (Mintian Guo): 812-855-1140

CLE Coordinator(Umida Khikmatillaeva)

Drop in Virtual Office hours

March 27th

Next week (March 30th-April 3rd)

Next week CeLT staff will focus on responding to requests for virtual support so time for regular drop-in hours will be posted after Tuesday. However, CLE offers drop-in virtual support on both language teaching technology and pedagogy:

Request for Virtual Support for Zoom and other Technology you Use:

  •  Request for Virtual support in Zoom classroom: After attending workshop and webinars on Zoom, are you still nervous about conducting Zoom meetings for teaching? We understand your worry. There are so many things to consider and you don’t want technology to be a road block. Request CeLT IT specialist to show up 5-10 minutes before your Zoom class starts and stay for another 5-10 minutes to make sure everything works and allows on-site troubleshooting. Request will be taken at a first come first serve basis since CeLT has very limited number of staff who can perform this role. Please use this form to submit a request:
  • Zoom/Canvas Student Tester Request: If you would like a student to test with your Zoom or Canvas features, you can request a CeLT lab assistant (IU student) to test with you to make sure what you plan works on the student side.

CeLT Main Office

CeLT main office is closed starting March 25th. Reopen time will be updated based on IU’s general operation.  

Equipment Checkout

CelT equipment checkout room is closed. For equipment that you need have for conducting instruction or research, make a request on this form to make an appointment to get the equipment from CeLT Office.  

CeLT Labs

CeLT labs are now closed. Earlier reservation for regular courses, meetings and research sessions are now cancelled. However, CeLT strives to meet essential need for instruction and research. If you see an essential need for CeLT Space that your office and home space/equipment cannot fulfil, and if the need is time sensitive, please use this form to make a request:

Please make request in advance for CeLT staff to open and sanitize the lab for you. Due to the need to keep social distance, there will not be any on-site tech support. CeLT staff will work either home or at an another location but will be available for remote/virtual support.

CeLT Recording Studio

CeLT Recording Studio is now closed. Recording in studio will be limited to essential and time-sensitive needs only, and requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact for use of CeLT studio.  CeLT continues to offer the service for video and audio editing for instructional and research purpose.

Other services

Instructional and technology consulting, and Web service will be conducted through email and Zoom. We are hauling old website files to the new website ( which takes a long time. If you need the language materials to be hosted on the CeLT website this semester, please send email to to move it up on the priority list.