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zoom tips

CeLT Shortcuts for Zoom@IU

Zoom is a web collaboration tool available to all Indiana University students, faculty, and staff.

Zoom integrates into Canvas as an external tool, and has apps for all platforms, including fully featured iOS and Android apps. Zoom's high-quality video and recording features also allow for recording simple videos with a webcam.
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If you want to do this in any of the IU video conference labs or classroom, contact CeLT and we can give you the training and support you need. Please contact Center for Language Technology,Roger or Xiaojing

  • If you teach a distance course on IU campus, and would engage a remote student in conversation with a local student, you can use Zoom Breakout rooms to allow these two students to engage in a private conversation so that the remote studentís voice is not heard by the whole class. This is a pretty complex procedure, though, if you are not very familiar with Zoom. You can find a step-by-step job-aid below.

  • Benefits of Setting Recurring Meeting vs. Using Personal ID for a Course:

    1.You will not have students from anothersession/courseor personal contacts accidentally join your class or even personal contacts

    2.You can keep your personal meeting ID for instant meetings and no need to worry that your students send an instant message and feel obliged to communicate

    For the steps please look at the job-aid below.