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tips for canvas

Tips list(Update: Jan,2017)

  • Knowledge base tips

    You teach a distance course and you have two separate sessions created for you for the one course you teach? Or you simply have too many sessions that you would like to combine into one?
    Check out the IU Knowledge Base on " In Canvas, how do I cross-list classes using the Cross-listing Assistant?"

  • celt tips

    In Canvas, when you add a link, it is by default to open in a new page now. However, certain elements you added would open in the current page it is in. For example an image inserted from Flickr will have a link that will open on the same page it is inserted. The disadvantage of this is that the students are led to an external link and leave the course site in Canvas. There is no quick way in Canvas to make the link open in a new page. You need to use the HTML editor to make this change. However, it is fairly easy if you are not scared to read through the HTML code, which is only superficially complex. The simple solution:

    § Step 1. click the HTML Editor at the upright corner of the Rich Text Editor
    § Step 2. insert the text target="_blank" immediately after the quotation marks that end the URL.
    Example: I want to link to IUB home page. The original html code would be:

    <p><a href=""></a></p>

    § Step 3. After inserting the text target="_blank", the code would be:

    <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>

  • knowledge base tips
    To access Canvas at IU using an instruture mobile app:

    1. Download the app from App Store(or your Android app market). Search for Canvas.
    2. Open the app.
    3. If prompted to "Find your school or district", enter Indiana University. If prompted for your Canvas URL, enter
    Note: The IU Canvas gateway will not work with Instructure's mobile apps.
    4. Log into IU CAS using your personal or group account Network ID credentials.

    Only certain functions are available on mobile devices. See below: devices

    Source: IU Knowledge Base: (with minor changes by CeLT)

  • celt tips

    If you would like to change the color of the table background, and you are prompted to describe the color of it, there is a way to describe it in more details as compared to "black" "white", you can copy and paste the HTML color code there. Here is the link where you can find color codes: HTML color codes and names

    If you would like to use colors that conforms to IU Style, here you can find color codes for IU colors

  • About Audio Recording Assignment

  • celt tips


    2. Specify the following assignment parameters;

    a. “Assignment Name”that properly describe the assignment,
    b. Instruction for students (to record your instruction in audio or video, use the “Record / Upload Media”button
    c. Points assigned to this assignment,
    d. Submission Type: choose Online and check Media Recordings,
    e. Set the due date of the assignment,
    f. Other features if necessary.

    3. Save (if you don‘t want to publish it yet)or Save and Publish.

    4. (optional) You can also add rubics of this assignment.

  • celt tips
    1. 1. Go to Assignment and click on the specific assignment. You would see the following. Click the “Submit Assignment” button.
      submit assignment
    2. 2. Read the instruction and rubric for the assignment carefully before you record.
    3. 3. Click the“Record / Upload Media”button
    4. 4. Record or Upload audio

      a. To record:

      to record
      i. To record audio, click the icon next to A . ( V is for video recording)
      ii. Click the “Allow ” Button to allow Flash Player to record.
      iii.Click on the Red round button to record and click the white square button to stop recording.
      iv. Your recording will be played to you once you stop recording. If you are not happy with your recording, click on the round red button to record again. Otherwise click the “save” button. (Once you save it, you won‘t be able to listen to it)

      b. To Upload a recorded file: select the “upload media” tab and click on “Select Audio File” to browse the file your recorded.

    5. 5. (Optional) If you have a note for your instructor about your submission, you can add it in the Comment area
    6. 6. Click the “Submit Assignment” button.
  • celt tips

    First, you need to download the Canvas App and log in.

    1. Go to Assignment and select the specific assignment. You would see the details of the assignment. Read instructions carefully and then click the “Submission” tab. submission

    2. Click on “Turn in” and choose “Record Audio” turn in

    3. Once recorded, you can click the Play button(green)listen to it or record again(Use the red recording button) . Once you are happy with the recording, click “Use”. record

    4. Once submitted, you should see: result