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Administrative Divisions of China

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Chinese speakers comprise around 16% of the world's population totalling nearly 1.2 billion. The varieties of Chinese are usually described by native speakers as dialects of a single language being mutually intelligible, but linguists note that they are as diverse as a language family. Mandarin is the primary focus at IU.

The Chinese language program at the EALC Department aims at providing students of various backgrounds with articulated instruction and multiple resources (e.g., texts, films, courseware) so that learners at any one stage of their study will be able to maximize their linguistic potential and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. Our learner-centered, profiency-driven, and task-based teaching approach helps students acquire not only knowledge but also strategies (e.g., cognitive tools) that enable life-long learning of Chinese. We as a team practicing instructional excellence strive to break new ground and lead the field of Chinese language education in the twenty-first century.

Department East Asian Languages & Cultures Chinese Language Program