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THROUGH THE MOONGATE was designed by Lesley Bremness and sponsored jointly by Bank of China and Royal Bank of Scotland. It was said to be the first Chinese Garden ever installed for the Chelsea Flower Show. One goal was to build bridges of understanding between China and the world through Chinese horticultural heritage.
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Nanjing Center Chinese Flagship Colloquium

    • Daniel Frohman (冯道明)

      教育 Chinese Students in American Universities: Large Numbers but Hardly Seen (美国大学的中国留学生:人数多,理解少)

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    • Winny Zhang (张温妮)

      社会 Sweatshop Conditions and Moral Responsibility in Developing Countries (发展中国家血汗工厂的现状及道德责任)

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    • Josiah Fulton (傅哲西)

      工程 Wireless Power (无线电力)

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    • JonZachary Forbes (胡柏君)

      政治 The Political Purposing of the Nanjing Massacre (南京大屠杀的政治功能)

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    • Kyle Weaver (柯为)

      政治 The Political Struggle Between Shostakovich and Stalin (肖斯塔科维奇与斯大林之间的政治斗争)

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    • Nathan Handwerker (汉龙)

      历史 The Tibet Question:From a Historical Perspsctive (从历史角度看西藏问题)

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    • Thomas Trezek (崔忠如)

      宗教 The situation of Catholicism and Christianity in China (中国基督教和天主教的现况)

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    • Nathaniel Stein (石乃傲)

      商业 The Byzantine Generals Problem (拜占庭将军问题)

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    • Cecily Kemp (袁桦江)

      社会 The relationship between the cultural tourism industry and China's ethnic minorities (中国旅游业与少数民族的相互关系)

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    • Steve Hopkins (侯帅)

      商业 The Significance of the Latest Currency War to China’s Financial Industry (今年的货币战争对中国金融行业的意义)

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    • Nathan Handwerker | 汉龙

      China's Role in the United Nations
      历史 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • JonZachary Forbes | 胡柏君

      Ghosts from the Past: How the Nanking Massacre Affects Modern Sino-Japanese Relations
      历史 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Nate Stein | 乃傲

      On the Metaphysics in Eastern Philosophy and its Practice
      历史 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Daniel Frohman | 冯道明

      Comparing American and Chinese teaching methods through the lens of Taichi
      中美差异 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Steve Hopkins | 侯帅

      The significance behind Sino-American fiscal and monetary policy
      中美差异 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Emily Lisanti | 安晓云

      Fast Fashion in China
      Emily Lisanti 当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Winny Zhang | 张温妮

      China's Luxury Branding Market Strategy
      当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Josiah Fulton | 傅哲西

      The cure-all app: Idle Perks
      当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Cecily Kemp | 袁桦江

      The dynamic relationship between China's floating population and hukou system
      当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Thomas Trezek | 崔忠如

      China's human trafficking problem
      当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Kyle Weaver | 柯为

      Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing and Prospects for Future Development
      当今中国 | 论文类别 (paper type)

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    • Drew Kunard | 古吉威

      On the Historical Elements of China's Education System and the New National Curriculum Reform

    • Amanda Gilbride | 吉安

      Uyghur and Han’s Relations

    • Matima Muhammad | 麦爱莲

      Chinese Beauty Practices from Ancient Times to Today

    • Jordan Sanner | 善乔丹

      The development and Difficulties of E-commerce in China

    • Ying Wang | 王颖

      Food Safety Problems in China

    • Zachary Ignoffo | 尹承志

      The Copyright Infringement Problem in China

    • Kelly Mccarthy | 麦楷妮

      The Politics of the Nobel Prize in Literature

    • Shema Wright | 赖诗曼

      Neocolonialism: Using China as a case

    • Grace Jaroscak | 蒋格蕾

      Chinese Household Registration Reform

    • Eleanor Wannemuehler | 王莉诺

      Peking or Beijing? - A Brief Look into the History and Differences between Wade Giles and Pinyin Romanization

    • Evan Kolb | 孔爱文

      On the Reception and Use of Paleoanthropology Research in China

    • Kelly Mccarthy | 麦楷妮

      Chinese Censorship, Social Media, and the Potential for Democratization

    • Grace Jaroscak | 蒋格蕾

      China's Anti-Corruption Campaign

    • Margaret Tucker | 佟美心

      The Effect of the Three Gorges Dam on Environment and Society in the Surrounding Area

    • Shema Wright | 赖诗曼

      Uighur's Identity

    • Christine Chambers | 赵竹婷

      中国古生物学现况 – 以辽宁古盗鸟为例
      Paleontology in China – using Archaeoraptor as an example

    • Evan Kolb | 孔爱文

      The "Out-of-Africa" Theory's Reception in China

    • Stephen Mackey | 麦思凡

      中国方言: 走向终结?
      Chinese Dialects: Coming to an End?

    • Eleanor Wannemuehler | 王莉诺

      Intellectual property rights – The thorn in US-China ties?

    • Betty He | 何瑞莲

      Identity of Asian Descents in American Society

    • Alec Eckert | 安力

      Interplay between Media Proliferation and Politics in Contemporary China

    • Michael Chan | 陈伟明

      The Social Consequences of Rapid Development in China

    • Kevin Koski | 孔克凡

      Organization and Operational Style in the Chinese Bureaucracy

    • Will Vuylsteke | 魏廉

      U.S. as a Player in Cross-Strait Relations

    • Madeline Hanley | 韩玫

      现代中国的绘图设计如何保留传统文化:谈陈菲薄的设计作品Chinese Graphic Design Sustaining the Traditional:
      The Work of Bob Chen

    • Betty He | 何瑞莲

      A Comparison Between the Education Systems in China and the United States

    • Alec Eckert | 安力

      The Localization and Globalization of Mental Illnesses

    • Kevin Koski | 孔克凡

      Eastern and Western Perceptions of Religion: Is There a Difference?

    • Michael Chan | 陈伟明

      The Modernization of Chinese Food: Da Baitu Candy

    • Jonathan Cox | 柯敬祥

      Comparison of the Great Western Movement in Nineteenth Century America with Contemporary Han Immigration in Xinjiang

  • 论文口头报告座谈会
    C467 Term Papers (tele-conference with Nanjing Center)

    • Nathaniel Sims | 陈德宁

      Comparative analysis of bilingual education in three Chinese autonomous regions

    • Elizabeth N. Feliciano | 伊丽

      Past and future of Chinese medicine: comparative study of laws governing administration of Chinese medicine in China and U.S.

    • Morgan G. Rawlings | 沐耿

      Comparative analysis of laws governing intellectual property rights in China and the U.S.

    • Regan R K Ferrell | 费柔

      Comparative study of the system, culture, and legal basis of adoption in China and the U.S

    • George G Feldman V | 乔治

      Comparative study of the death penalty in China and the U.S.

    • Eric M Lacour | 艾克

      Building a strong modern nation with socialist cultural values

    • Zach L.Richardson | 李杰

      Effects brought about by the development of labor law on the labor market and workers in China

    • Brian William Inlow | 伯恩

      Development of legal protection for the rights of LGBT in China

    • Jin Hwan Jing | 陈焕

      Repatriation of North Korean refugees by the Chinese government - an analysis from the perspective of relevant international laws

    • Public Performance

    • Eric M. Lacour | 兰艾克

      “We Just Don't Understand: Obstacles to Appreciating China's Traditional Performing Arts”

    • Ben Walker | 吳杰明

      “Promoting Soccer in China: Current State of the Sport and China's Vieri”

    • Policies, Governmental Regulations, & Nationalism

    • George G. Feldman V | 费乔治

      “The One-Child Policy: What It Means for China's Future”

    • Elizabeth Noemi Feliciano | 费伊丽

      “Protecting Multi-ethnic Rights and Cultures Under the Prerequisite of National Unity”

    • Zach Lovberg Richardson | 李杰

      “China's Anti-Drug Policy”

    • Dissent & Alternative Ideology

    • Leilani Beams | 毕岚妮

      “Culture of Cyber Dissent”

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      Critique of Anarchism/Libertarianism”

    • Chinese Dialects

    • Nathanial A. Sims | 陈德宁

      “The functions and grammaticalization of “qi” in Sichuanese”

    • Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan

    • Regan R.K. Ferrell | 费柔

      Shades of Mandarin: A vowel comparison of three native speakers from northern China, northern Taiwan, and central Taiwan”

    • Nicki Dabney | 邓妮绮

      “A comparison of sentence-final particles used by people from China and from Taiwan”

    • Brian William Inlow | 任伯恩

      “Prejudice and Praise Brought on by Accent: The opinions of mainland Chinese toward Taiwanese Mandarin”

    • Language & Culture

    • Leilani Beams | 毕岚妮

      “What a Chinese name can tell you: the linguistic and cultural meanings of Chinese names in Taiwan”

    • Matthew Bryant White | 伍柏楠

      “A comparison of sports metaphors in Chinese and English”

    • Alexander Wald | 张九鼎,

      “Gender Differences in Chinese Usage: Comparing understanding and sensitivity between native speakers and students of Mandarin”

  • 全球化视野下的中国与世界:文化的交流与融合
    China in the Light of Globalization: Cultural Communication and Fusion

    • Owen Brook Mason | 梅欧文

      A Comparison of Chinese and American College Entrance Exam Systems

    • Patrick Marc Johndro | 张伯仪

      Analyzing Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 Bestselling Phenomenon in Mainland China

    • Gretchen Mae Krumwiede | 顾宝琛

      中国社会中的同性恋: 电影与现实生活之间的矛盾
      Homosexuality in Chinese Society: The Conflict Between Movies and Real Life

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      A Criticism of Said’s Orientalism With Respect to East Asian Cinema

    • Roy Thomas Hooper | 胡鹏

      The Confucius Center as Public Diplomacy: Possibilities and Unrealized Potential

    • Owen Mason | 梅欧文

      “How is Corporate Social Responsibility Treated by Chinese and American Corporations?”

    • Patrick Johndro | 张伯仪

      “Postmodern Reverberations in Chinese Literature: Comparing Meta-Conscious Elements between Stoppard and Gao Xingjian”

    • Gretchen Krumwiede | 顾宝琛:

      “Gender Equality in Chinese Society: An Analysis of the Media”

    • Matthew White | 伍柏楠

      “China’s African Investment Strategy: Implications for the International Political Economy

    • Roy Hooper | 胡鹏

      “The Patterns of Chinese Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Oil, Trade, and Power”

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁

      "The Imbalanced Compulsory Education System in China: Sources and Solutions”

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      “A Growing Birthrate Imbalance in China: How it will Affect the Marriage Market”

  • 变化中的中国与世界
    China and the World in Change
    印第安纳大学中文领航项目第一届学术研讨会 Flagship Semi-annual Colloquium
    Spring 2010 (April 29)

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁

      在全球化的背景下理解中国的代沟问题: 历史的记忆与新的时代
      A Study of China’s Generation Gap

    • Abraham Gerber | 柯博文

      Of Religious Freedom

    • Jackson Boyar | 姜崇杰

      Launching a Chinese Venture: The rise of foreign enterprises and their future

    • Zach Grammel | 葛杰, 氖綠色

      Neon Green: Using Environmentalism to Differentiate in the Chinese Food Industry

  • 专题:中国政治经济
    Introduction: Chinese Politics and Economics

      Communication and Conflict

    • Adam Molon | 墨龙

      Methods and Madness of Resolving Unbalanced Trade between China and the United States

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁

      Trade Issues and the Mooncake Problem

    • 发展与反思
      Development and Reflection

    • Jackson Boyar | 姜崇杰

      建设一个可持续的教育制度- 中国国情与中国私立教育
      Building a Sustainable Educational System- National Conditions and Private Education in China

    • Zach Grammel | 葛杰

      Desertification of the Land

    • Abraham Gerber | 柯博文

      The Three-Self Church of China

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