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Nanjing Center Chinese Flagship Colloquium

    • Austin Babb (贝杰)

      The Current Situation of Biomass in China and the Opportunity of Developing Sugarcane Energy(中国生物质能源现状和甘蔗发电的机遇)

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    • Sara Wise (吴小柔)

      A Discussion of the Popularity of Korean Variety Show Formats in the Chinese Television Industry(韩国电视节目形式为何在中国大热)

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    • Suxin Zhang (张素心)

      Analyzing the Phenomenon and Effect of Children That Were Left Behind in Fuzhou China (浅析中国福州的留守儿童现象与影响)

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    • Tyler Bennett (班天瑞)

      Mid to Late Ming Dynasty Silver Flows and Currency(论明代中后期白银输入与货币)

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    • Jordan Andreanopoulos (安泰)

      The Lasting Effects of Eight Trigram Ideology on Modern Chinese Culture(八卦思想与中国现代文化的关系)

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    • Casey Chen (陈宗琪)

      Stereotypes That American Students Have about Chinese International Students in the U.S.(美国学生对中国留学生的刻板印象以及成因)

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    • Daniel Frohman (冯道明)

      教育 Chinese Students in American Universities: Large Numbers but Hardly Seen(美国大学的中国留学生:人数多,理解少 )

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    • Winny Zhang (张温妮)

      社会Sweatshop Conditions and Moral Responsibility in Developing Countries (发展中国家血汗工厂的现状及道德责任 )

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    • Josiah Fulton (傅哲西 )

      工学Wireless Power (无线输电)

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    • JonZachary Forbes (胡柏君)

      政治 The Political Purposing of the Nanjing Massacre (南京大屠杀的政治功能)

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    • Kyle Weaver (柯为)

      政治The Political Struggle Between Shostakovich and Stalin (肖斯塔科维奇与斯大林的政治斗争)

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    • Nathan Handwerker (汉龙)

      历史 The Tibet Question:From a Historical Perspsctive (从历史角度看西藏问题)

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    • Thomas Trezek (崔忠儒)

      宗教 The situation of Catholicism and Christianity in China (中国基督教和天主教的现况)

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    • Nathaniel Stein (石乃傲)

      经济The Byzantine Generals Problem (拜占庭将军问题)

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    • Cecily Kemp (袁桦江)

      社企EThe relationship between the cultural tourism industry and China's ethnic minorities (中国旅游业与少数民族的相互关系)

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    • Steve Hopkins (侯帅)

      金融The Significance of the Latest Currency War to China’s Financial Industry (今年的货币战争对中国金融行业的意义)

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