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Nanjing Center Chinese Flagship Colloquium

    • Austin Babb (贝杰)

      经济The Current Situation of Biomass in China and the Opportunity of Developing Sugarcane Energy(中国生物质能源现状和甘蔗发电的机遇)

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    • Sara Wise (吴小柔)

      媒体A Discussion of the Popularity of Korean Variety Show Formats in the Chinese Television Industry(韩国电视节目形式为何在中国大热)

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    • Suxin Zhang (张素心)

      当今中国Analyzing the Phenomenon and Effect of Children That Were Left Behind in Fuzhou China (浅析中国福州的留守儿童现象与影响)

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    • Thomas Trezek (班天瑞)

      历史Mid to Late Ming Dynasty Silver Flows and Currency(论明代中后期白银输入与货币)

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    • Jordan Andreanopoulos (安泰)

      文化历史The Lasting Effects of Eight Trigram Ideology on Modern Chinese Culture(八卦思想与中国现代文化的关系)

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    • Casey Chen (陈宗琪)

      中美差异Stereotypes That American Students Have about Chinese International Students in the U.S.(美国学生对中国留学生的刻板印象以及成因)

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    • Daniel Frohman (冯道明)

      教育 Chinese Students in American Universities: Large Numbers but Hardly Seen (美国大学皁E国留学生:人数多,理解封E

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    • Winny Zhang (张温妮)

      社企ESweatshop Conditions and Moral Responsibility in Developing Countries (发展中国家血汗工厂的现状及道德责任)

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    • Josiah Fulton (傁E西)

      工稁EWireless Power (无线电劁E

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    • JonZachary Forbes (胡柏君)

      政治 The Political Purposing of the Nanjing Massacre (南京大屠杀皁E治功E)

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    • Kyle Weaver (柯为)

      政治 The Political Struggle Between Shostakovich and Stalin (肖斯塔科维奁E斯大林之间皁E治斗亁E

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    • Nathan Handwerker (汉龁E

      厁E The Tibet Question:From a Historical Perspsctive (从历史角度看西藏问颁E

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    • Thomas Trezek (崔忠妁E

      宗教 The situation of Catholicism and Christianity in China (中国基督教和天主教的现况)

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    • Nathaniel Stein (石乁E)

      啁EEThe Byzantine Generals Problem (拜占庭封EE问颁E

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    • Cecily Kemp (袁桦汁E

      社企EThe relationship between the cultural tourism industry and China's ethnic minorities (中国旁E业与少数民族皁E互E系)

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    • Steve Hopkins (侯币E

      啁EEThe Significance of the Latest Currency War to China’s Financial Industry (今年皁E币E争对中国金融行业的意乁E

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    • Nathan Handwerker | 汉龁E/h4>

      China's Role in the United Nations
      厁E | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • JonZachary Forbes | 胡柏君

      Ghosts from the Past: How the Nanking Massacre Affects Modern Sino-Japanese Relations
      厁E | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Nate Stein | 乁E

      On the Metaphysics in Eastern Philosophy and its Practice
      厁E | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Daniel Frohman | 冯道E

      Comparing American and Chinese teaching methods through the lens of Taichi
      中美差弁E/strong> | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Steve Hopkins | 侯币E/h4>

      The significance behind Sino-American fiscal and monetary policy
      中美差弁E/strong> | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Emily Lisanti | 安晓亁E/h4>

      Fast Fashion in China
      Emily Lisanti 当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Winny Zhang | 张温妮

      China's Luxury Branding Market Strategy
      当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Josiah Fulton | 傁E西

      The cure-all app: Idle Perks
      当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Cecily Kemp | 袁桦汁E/h4>

      The dynamic relationship between China's floating population and hukou system
      当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Thomas Trezek | 崔忠妁E/h4>

      China's human trafficking problem
      当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Kyle Weaver | 柯为

      Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing and Prospects for Future Development
      当今中国 | 论斁E别 (paper type)

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    • Drew Kunard | 古吉威E/h4>

      On the Historical Elements of China's Education System and the New National Curriculum Reform

    • Amanda Gilbride | 吉宁E/h4>

      Uyghur and Han’s Relations

    • Matima Muhammad | 麦爱莲

      Chinese Beauty Practices from Ancient Times to Today

    • Jordan Sanner | 喁E丹

      The development and Difficulties of E-commerce in China

    • Ying Wang | 王颁E/h4>

      Food Safety Problems in China

    • Zachary Ignoffo | 尹承忁E/h4>

      The Copyright Infringement Problem in China

    • Kelly Mccarthy | 麦楷妮

      The Politics of the Nobel Prize in Literature

    • Shema Wright | 赖诗曼

      Neocolonialism: Using China as a case

    • Grace Jaroscak | 蒋格蕾

      Chinese Household Registration Reform

    • Eleanor Wannemuehler | 王莉诺

      Peking or Beijing? - A Brief Look into the History and Differences between Wade Giles and Pinyin Romanization

    • Evan Kolb | 孔爱斁E/h4>

      On the Reception and Use of Paleoanthropology Research in China

    • Kelly Mccarthy | 麦楷妮

      Chinese Censorship, Social Media, and the Potential for Democratization

    • Grace Jaroscak | 蒋格蕾

      China's Anti-Corruption Campaign

    • Margaret Tucker | 佟美忁E/h4>

      The Effect of the Three Gorges Dam on Environment and Society in the Surrounding Area

    • Shema Wright | 赖诗曼

      Uighur's Identity

    • Christine Chambers | 赵竹婷

      中国古生物学现况  E以辽宁古盗鸟为侁E
      Paleontology in China  Eusing Archaeoraptor as an example

    • Evan Kolb | 孔爱斁E/h4>

      The "Out-of-Africa" Theory's Reception in China

    • Stephen Mackey | 麦思E

      中国方言: 走向终结!E/strong>
      Chinese Dialects: Coming to an End?

    • Eleanor Wannemuehler | 王莉诺

      Intellectual property rights  EThe thorn in US-China ties?

    • Betty He | 何瑞莲

      Identity of Asian Descents in American Society

    • Alec Eckert | 安力

      Interplay between Media Proliferation and Politics in Contemporary China

    • Michael Chan | 陈伟E

      The Social Consequences of Rapid Development in China

    • Kevin Koski | 孔E凡

      Organization and Operational Style in the Chinese Bureaucracy

    • Will Vuylsteke | 魏廁E/h4>

      U.S. as a Player in Cross-Strait Relations

    • Madeline Hanley | 韩玫

      现代中国皁E图设计如何保留传统文化:谈陈菲薁E设计作品Chinese Graphic Design Sustaining the Traditional:
      The Work of Bob Chen

    • Betty He | 何瑞莲

      A Comparison Between the Education Systems in China and the United States

    • Alec Eckert | 安力

      The Localization and Globalization of Mental Illnesses

    • Kevin Koski | 孔E凡

      Eastern and Western Perceptions of Religion: Is There a Difference?

    • Michael Chan | 陈伟E

      The Modernization of Chinese Food: Da Baitu Candy

    • Jonathan Cox | 柯敬祥

      Comparison of the Great Western Movement in Nineteenth Century America with Contemporary Han Immigration in Xinjiang

  • 论斁E头报告座谈企E
    C467 Term Papers (tele-conference with Nanjing Center)

    • Nathaniel Sims | 陈德宁E/h4>

      Comparative analysis of bilingual education in three Chinese autonomous regions

    • Elizabeth N. Feliciano | 伊丽

      Past and future of Chinese medicine: comparative study of laws governing administration of Chinese medicine in China and U.S.

    • Morgan G. Rawlings | 沐耿

      Comparative analysis of laws governing intellectual property rights in China and the U.S.

    • Regan R K Ferrell | 费柁E

      Comparative study of the system, culture, and legal basis of adoption in China and the U.S

    • George G Feldman V | 乔治

      Comparative study of the death penalty in China and the U.S.

    • Eric M Lacour | 艾允E

      Building a strong modern nation with socialist cultural values

    • Zach L.Richardson | 李杰

      Effects brought about by the development of labor law on the labor market and workers in China

    • Brian William Inlow | 伯恩

      Development of legal protection for the rights of LGBT in China

    • Jin Hwan Jing | 陈E

      Repatriation of North Korean refugees by the Chinese government - an analysis from the perspective of relevant international laws

    • Public Performance

    • Eric M. Lacour | 兰艾允E

      “E们不懂E欣赏传统表演艺术皁E碍 E
      “We Just Don't Understand: Obstacles to Appreciating China's Traditional Performing Arts E/strong>

    • Ben Walker | 吳杰昁E

      “俁E中国足琁E中国足琁E前的惁EEE以及中国足琁E维阿里 E
      “Promoting Soccer in China: Current State of the Sport and China's Vieri E/strong>

    • Policies, Governmental Regulations, & Nationalism

    • George G. Feldman V | 费乔治

      “独生子女政策最终对社会和人口是否有效E E/strong>
      “The One-Child Policy: What It Means for China's Future E/strong>

    • Elizabeth Noemi Feliciano | 费伊丽

      “保证国家统一皁E提下维护民族杁E与文化 E/strong>
      “Protecting Multi-ethnic Rights and Cultures Under the Prerequisite of National Unity E/strong>

    • Zach Lovberg Richardson | 李杰

      “中国打E毒品政策 E
      “China's Anti-Drug Policy E/strong>

    • Dissent & Alternative Ideology

    • Leilani Beams | 毕岚妮

      “网络的异议斁E E/strong>
      “Culture of Cyber Dissent E/strong>

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      “对无政府主义的证E E
      Critique of Anarchism/Libertarianism E/strong>

    • Chinese Dialects

    • Nathanial A. Sims | 陈德宁E

      “‘起’在四川方言中皁E用及语法化 E/strong>
      “The functions and grammaticalization of “qi Ein Sichuanese E/strong>

    • Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan

    • Regan R.K. Ferrell | 费柁E

      Shades of Mandarin: A vowel comparison of three native speakers from northern China, northern Taiwan, and central Taiwan E/strong>

    • Nicki Dabney | 邓妮绮

      “中国人跟台湾人使用语气词上的差异 E/strong>
      “A comparison of sentence-final particles used by people from China and from Taiwan E/strong>

    • Brian William Inlow | 任伯恩

      “口音所造成的偏见与赞美:中国大陁E对台湾国语皁E法 E/strong>
      “Prejudice and Praise Brought on by Accent: The opinions of mainland Chinese toward Taiwanese Mandarin E/strong>

    • Language & Culture

    • Leilani Beams | 毕岚妮

      “台湾人取名字的语言及文化意义 E/strong>
      “What a Chinese name can tell you: the linguistic and cultural meanings of Chinese names in Taiwan E/strong>

    • Matthew Bryant White | 伍柏楠

      “英汉语中运动隐喻皁E比 E/strong>
      “A comparison of sports metaphors in Chinese and English E/strong>

    • Alexander Wald | 张九鼁E

      “汉语皁E别差弁E比辁E语老E学习老E琁E与敏感度 E/strong>
      “Gender Differences in Chinese Usage: Comparing understanding and sensitivity between native speakers and students of Mandarin E/strong>

  • 全琁E见E下的中国与世界E文化的交流与融吁E
    China in the Light of Globalization: Cultural Communication and Fusion

    • Owen Brook Mason | 梁E斁E/h4>

      A Comparison of Chinese and American College Entrance Exam Systems

    • Patrick Marc Johndro | 张伯仪

      Analyzing Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 Bestselling Phenomenon in Mainland China

    • Gretchen Mae Krumwiede | 顾宝琛

      Homosexuality in Chinese Society: The Conflict Between Movies and Real Life

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      A Criticism of Said’s Orientalism With Respect to East Asian Cinema

    • Roy Thomas Hooper | 胡鹁E/h4>

      The Confucius Center as Public Diplomacy: Possibilities and Unrealized Potential

    • Owen Mason | 梁E斁E/h4>

      “中美企业如何看征E会责任运动E E/strong>
      “How is Corporate Social Responsibility Treated by Chinese and American Corporations? E/strong>

    • Patrick Johndro | 张伯仪

      “Postmodern Reverberations in Chinese Literature: Comparing Meta-Conscious Elements between Stoppard and Gao Xingjian E/strong>

    • Gretchen Krumwiede | 顾宝琛:

      “中国社会的男女平等问题:以媒体为例 E/strong>
      “Gender Equality in Chinese Society: An Analysis of the Media E/strong>

    • Matthew White | 伍柏楠

      “中国皁E洲投赁EE略及E对国陁E治经济的影响 E/strong>
      “China’s African Investment Strategy: Implications for the International Political Economy

    • Roy Hooper | 胡鹁E/h4>

      “中国皁E东和北非外交政策模式:石油、贸易及影响力 E/strong>
      “The Patterns of Chinese Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Oil, Trade, and Power E/strong>

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁E/h4>

      “中国义务教育制度皁E衡E问题来源与解决方案 E/strong>
      "The Imbalanced Compulsory Education System in China: Sources and Solutions E/strong>

    • Tomas Drury | 朱应棠

      “中国男性迁E对婚姻市场皁E响:问题与对策 E/strong>
      “A Growing Birthrate Imbalance in China: How it will Affect the Marriage Market E/strong>

  • 变化中皁E国与世界
    China and the World in Change
    印第安纳大学中斁EE项目第一届学术研讨企E Flagship Semi-annual Colloquium
    Spring 2010 (April 29)

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁E/h4>

      在全琁E皁E景下理解中国皁E沟问颁E 厁E皁E忁E新皁E代
      A Study of China’s Generation Gap

    • Abraham Gerber | 柯博文

      Of Religious Freedom

    • Jackson Boyar | 姜崁E

      Launching a Chinese Venture: The rise of foreign enterprises and their future

    • Zach Grammel | 葛杰, 氖綠色

      Neon Green: Using Environmentalism to Differentiate in the Chinese Food Industry

  • 专题:中国政治经流Ebr> Introduction: Chinese Politics and Economics

      交流与E突Ebr> Communication and Conflict

    • Adam Molon | 墨龁E/h4>

      Methods and Madness of Resolving Unbalanced Trade between China and the United States

    • Luke Martineac | 戴宁E/h4>

      Trade Issues and the Mooncake Problem

    • 发展与反态Ebr> Development and Reflection

    • Jackson Boyar | 姜崁E

      建设一个可持续皁E育制度- 中国国惁E中国私立教育
      Building a Sustainable Educational System- National Conditions and Private Education in China

    • Zach Grammel | 葛杰

      Desertification of the Land

    • Abraham Gerber | 柯博文

      The Three-Self Church of China

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