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To enrich your teaching and take full advantage of technology, you are invited to attend scheduled workshops created and taught by the CeLT staff. In addition, language programs and individuals can contact our CeLT coordinator, Xiaojing Kou to provide workshops at a time specified by you.

If certain workshop is desired but not currently available, please contact CeLT Coordinator Xiaojing Kou and we may develop one for you!

Available Workshops

  • 20 minutes

    Offer an overview and a tour of the key CeLT facilities, services, and policies: audio Language Labs , Computer-Mediated Communication Lab (computer stations equipped with webcams, Skype), distance learning classrooms (with Polycom VSX 7000 and Tandberg HD video teleconference systems), Audio-Video Lab (multi-standard AV conversion, digitization, and duplication, digital audio/video editing, foreign movies viewing, language software library, course reserved materials), sound-proof recording studio, Language Table/International TV Room, international keyboards, CeLT Shortcuts and website. Like CeLT's Facebook site to get updated information from CeLT.

  • 30 minutes for Overview

    60 minutes Hands-on

    This hands-on workshop shows you how to download, edit (simple editing with MovieMaker), and integrate YouTube videos into your PowerPoint slides.

  • 30-60 minutes

    This workshop introduces you to CeLT’s audio services and equipment including: sound-proof recording studio (for recording your course materials, digital voice recorders (for recording your students' oral performance during proficiency interviews); Sound Recorder (for oral assignments, tests, research experiments), How to have an audio recording test within OnCourse, and how to record with Canvas.

  • 45 minutes Hands-On

    In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to import, record, edit, export audios using Audacity and how to integrate audio into your PowerPoint slides.

  • 60 minutes

    With Lingt Classroom, an instructor can easily create online oral assignments with instructor’s prompt as text, image, oral or video. The student does not need to have any account to do or submit the assignment online. They would be able to respond either in text or orally. Lingt also allows the instructor to provide private and individual feedback for each of the item of the assignment to each student. With a free account, an instructor can create six assignments. Currently, CeLT owns a premium account that can be shared with you.

  • 60 minutes

    This workshop will show you how to use OnCourse Test to create timed online quizzes, which can be directly linked to OnCourse gradebook. The instructor would be able to provide feedback in text to each of the test item.

  • 60 minutes

    VoiceThread is a collaborative, interactive, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos. It allows people to navigate through the slides and leave comments in 5 ways: using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file (for VoiceThread Pro users), or video (via a webcam). Users can doodle while commenting (drawing annotation overlays), use multiple Identities, and pick which comments are shown through Comment Moderation. See an example of CeLT’s Virtual Tour created in VoiceThread. (Note: Instructors can use this within OnCourse/Canvas now with special request)

  • 20 minutes

    This workshop is for instructors who are not familiar with using digital audio recorders and digital video recording. This workshop is for people who need assistance in copying the recorded materials to their personal storage device such laptop or flash drive. This workshop will provide participants with a digital audio recorder and video camera for practice.

  • 3 hours Hands on Intensive

    The Video Editing Workshop is a 3-hour hands-on interactive workshop designed to teach language instructors how to edit raw video footage, pictures, and sound files into usable, pedagogically effective instructional material for use in their language classrooms. The workshop was designed based on expressed needs of the target audience and their own self-reported comfort with technology, and assistance from a Subject Matter Expert with nearly 10 years of experience leading technology workshops at a center designed specifically to support language instructors, graduate students, and students. The instruction itself is designed to take 1.5-2 hours, with 1-1.5 hours of practice time for individuals to apply the instructional objectives they have learned

  • 45 minutes

    CeLT has 2 new Sanako Study 1200 Language labs that can be reserved. Learn the basics for setting up a class, learn how you can easily work with a single student while enabling an entire class to participate in meaningful activities while utilizing your allocated time efficiently and remaining in complete control. Learn how to monitor an entire class that might be participating in multiple activities in different groups that you set up and be able to effectively “tutor?those needing extra help all from the teacher’s workstation.

  • 1.5 hours

    Learn the advanced features of the Sanako Study 1200. This hands on class will briefly cover the basics then go into the advanced features of the Tutor application which is at the heart of the Study 1200. You will learn how to send files and media to the desktop of your student, how to control their browsers, how to stop unwanted applications from being launched by your students. Also covered will be how to set up chats, record their reading progress, define a model student, new features in reading comprehension, new tools for discussion groups, collect student recording to your computer with just a few clicks, and many more tools and features.

  • 10 minutes

    Basic introduction on how to record, save, and upload recordings to computer and box.

  • 30 minutes

    Provides an overview of SCOLA materials, how to access them, and the benefits of each type.


CeLT staff also conduct individual consultation on how to use technology in your classroom. Please contact CeLT coordinator, Xiaojing Kou or CeLT Operation Manger, Roger Crandall.

Materials Development

Our CeLT staff can work together with you to develop materials needed for courses you teach:

  • Powerpoint Lessons
  • Web pages
  • Modules in Canvas
  • re-recorded lessons, etc. for you to use inside or outside of classroom, for face-to-face sessions, blended learning, or online teaching. This can be for an individual lesson in an existing course or for designing a totally new course. Please contact CeLT coordinator, Xiaojing Kou for this service.

Lesson Development Studio

CeLT also provides space for you to develop lessons. CeLT’s Lesson Development Studio (in BH 119) is such a space for you:

  • It is open at 5pm-6:30pm every two weeks. (Check schedule) (link)
  • Audio and Webcam recording available
  • CeLT staff will be present to provide support the whole process.
  • Use this time to plan and develop lessons.
  • This time and space can also be used to practice what you have learned in the CeLT workshops.