Indiana University Bloomington

Recording Editing & Digitizing

We offer a wide range of audio and video production services for language instructors. This service is located in BH 114, CeLT's audio/video studio. This room is sound-proof (compared to other rooms in Ballantine Hall). Services include:

  • Reserving space for self-recording
  • Professional assistance with audio/video recordings, with chroma-key compositing available
  • Editing of audio/video materials
  • Digitization of anlaog materials (cassette tape to MP3, etc.)
  • Providing finished materials in full definition on CD, DVD (only for instructional materials),, and/or compressed for uploading to the Language Portal

BH114 Studio

The studio includes a space for self-recording in addition to a sound-proof booth for audio and video recordings assisted by our professional staff. Our facilities are available to language instructors for the production of instructional materials. Finished materials can be provided in full definition on CD, DVD, or, or can be compressed for uploading to CeLT’s online material archives. Services provided include: audio recording, audio editing, video recording (including green-screen), video editing (including DVD compilation), and digitizing of analog material (cassette tape to MP3, etc.). If you need a service not listed, contact us!

CeLT staff is also pleased to offer training in multimedia production, including basic audio recording and editing, video creation for flipped learning and other uses, and the best file formats for specific purposes. Contact us to set up a training session.

  • BH 114 Suite B

    BH114 Suite B is our self-recording room. Equipment includes a headset microphone and USB-Pre for audio recording, as well as a webcam for recording lectures or presentations. The studio’s two computers are equipped with software including Camtasia, Pinnacle Studio, Praat, and Cool Edit.

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  • BH 114 Suite D

    BH114 Suite D is our full-service recording booth. In this room our recording engineer will work with you to create professional audiovisual materials. Equipment includes four vocal microphones, high-definition video cameras, a green screen for video production, and a shotgun microphone for high-quality audio for video projects.

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Sanako Recording Software

The SANAKO Study Lite Recorder is a standalone application intended for students' independent language studies. It is a two track recorder with specialized language learning features. This software is installed in Ballantine Hall's Language Labs in rooms BH 115 and BH 117. In addition, CeLT makes it available on IUware for IU affiliates to download for free. Currently, it is only available for Windows system.