Indiana University Bloomington

Who Do We Serve?

We serve all faculty and AIs who teach a language course. These are our primary clients. Another group of our primary clients are the different language Title VI centers at Indiana University.


However, after fulfilling the needs of our primary clients, we do not readily decline legitimate requests from faculty or AIs who teach a language-related course (such as linguistic, culture, communication) or any course taught within the College of Arts and Sciences. There is also possibility for us to serve or collaborate with faculty or AIs who belong to a different school within IU. In addition, we do reach out to the community and K-12 schools and engage in projects that are beneficial to both the Indiana University and the community.

Scope of Services

  • Scheduling rooms managed by CeLT
  • Provide technical support for rooms managed by CeLT and equipment in these rooms, including preparing for particular purposes, installing software, etc.
  • In-house audio/video recording and editing
  • Web hosting of language and course materials
  • Design and maintenance of language and culture course portals hosted on CeLT's server and website
  • Workshops and individual training on language teaching and learning technology
  • Consultation on using technology for teaching and research on language instruction
  • Course material development
  • Archive and storage of language and course materials
  • Supporting the Language Community at IU
  • Outreach and event hosting
Services Not Included
  • Recording offsite is conditional: we currently do not regularly provide recording outside of the CeLT recording studio. However, this is negotiable and will attempt to meet your needs if possible by considering the priority of our services, primary client, importance of recording for your purpose, and the time needed for the project.
  • Printing (except for special events that we sponsor)
  • Personal and professional website design. However, training can be provided.
  • Computer or equipment repair
Priority of Services

The top priority of our services is given to teaching (including testing). The second priority is given to research related to language teaching and learning or linguistic research.

Request Our Services

  • Call us at 812-855-8383
  • Email us at
  • Visit us in Ballantine Hall: BH120(main), BH114(video/audio editing), or BH123(web,technological issues)

Although we will respond to urgent request immediately, please plan ahead and give us enough time to work on your project since we are always working on other projects and may have a deadline and might not be able to fulfil your need within your time frame. We will give priority to clients based on the order in which requests are received. For checking out equipment, please following deadlines specified.